Is the Trideck made for off-road use or on-road use?

The Trideck has enough off-road capabilities to make the ride smooth on ever-changing terrain, so you can go through some grass if you need to, or if a gravel path crosses your sidewalk you can cruise right over it. If you want to go bombing downhill, you may want to look at mountain boards; the Trideck is made for people who want to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about a bumpy path.

How much does a Trideck weigh?

A Trideck is 16 lbs without the handle and 17 lbs with the handle.

How do you turn a Trideck?

The Trideck is lean-steer just like a skateboard. At least one foot should be sideways on the Trideck and you steer by leaning heel-to-toe.  The optional handle provides extra stability (and extra confidence), but you can steer without the handle once you become comfortable. 

Is the Trideck suitable for kids and adults?

Since the Trideck is lean-steer, it is reliant on the weight of the rider to be able to turn the front wheels. The rider should be at least 80 lbs.  The steering tension is easily adjusted by turning a knob on the front.  The tension can be adjusted for riders of different weights or riding preferences.  Although it was designed for adults, the recommended age is 13 and up.

Is it hard to ride? Do I need to be extremely coordinated?

No and no! The learning curve is very short for a Trideck.  Most people have it mastered after riding for 5 minutes, even with no experience with board sports.  If you have skateboard experience you will pick it up instantly; you will need to adjust to the different feel.

International shipping

Charges vary based on customs - please email us for a quote: support@trideck.com