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TRiDECK Original

As seen on the CNBC show Adventure Capitalists, A TRiDECK gives you the feel of a skateboard but with much greater stability. Glide through the streets like a snowboarder through powder, and roll over anything!

TRiDECK is an alternative to a skateboard. It is also, by the way, a serious upgrade. It was designed to have the feel of a snowboard but more versatility than a longboard skateboard. The large wheels and air-filled tires provide a lot of roll and shock absorption. The tires give you a smooth ride and make any surface feel like a smooth new sidewalk. This means you can go places that skateboards cannot go, like brick streets, the beach, uneven sidewalks, bumpy roads, grass, and even gravel paths. Even though the TRiDECK is an upgrade, the price tag is not; a TRiDECK costs the same or less than good quality skateboards.

TRiDECK is easy to ride because of the extra stability and wide stance. A TRiDECK has an optional handle so anyone in the family can ride. The TRiDECK even has a brake pedal which operates a BMX style U-brake. TRiDECKs use the same wheels as small bicycles, so tires and tubes are easy to find in stores.  It is a great alternative to the conventional off-road skateboard.  The TRiDECK is an off-road skateboard made for the rough roads of reality.

Learning to ride a TRiDECK is easy. Even someone with no experience in board sports can become comfortable on a TRiDECK in minutes. Every TRiDECK comes with a detachable joystick handle. The handle is designed to be used with only one hand so the rider can maintain a sideways stance like a snowboarder or skateboarder. When you purchase your TRiDECK, you can use the joystick handle for extra stability while you learn how to ride it and eventually remove it if you like. Some people prefer to leave the handle in all the time, it’s up to you! You can even use a TRiDECK with a land paddle and ride it like a paddle board on land.

The steering tension is easily adjustable by turning a knob on the front of the TRiDECK. Skateboards require tools to adjust the sensitivity; some even require changing the bushings for riders of different weights. With a TRiDECK you can set increased tension for long straightaways and then loosen the tension when you arrive at your destination so you can have more maneuverability. TRiDECKs are the future of board sports – "TRi" one today!


  • Lightweight aluminum wheels
  • Racing-pedal style aluminum brake pedal
  • U-brake
  • Rugged steel tube frame
  • Steering tension turn-knob for adjustments on the fly
  • Detachable joystick handle

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Customer Reviews

R.D. - New York

Received the Trideck today on time and everything was as expected. I went for my first 2-mile ride. Little to no learning curb. No problems going over dirt, small branches, etc. I felt comfortable and safe. It was a good enough workout to my heart rate up and according to my workout tracker is similar in intensity hard power walking or light running, which is good. I will work on technique tomorrow. It was a fun workout and everything was described, Thanks.



R.K. - Hawaii

Thanks again for your great service. The street I live on makes a loop from the highway up to the beach and back. The city and county just repaved it and its super smooth. My son in law and I tried out the board this morning and I'm really happy with the way it rides. Now if I get home from work too late to surf I can still get in a work out. Stoked! Aloha




Thx for shipping so quickly!  I was shopping online for a kick scooter

and liked your design better- watched your videos and decided to give

it a go-Thx again, Chris