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R.D. - New York

Received the Trideck today on time and everything was as expected. I went for my first 2-mile ride. Little to no learning curb. No problems going over dirt, small branches, etc. I felt comfortable and safe. It was a good enough workout to my heart rate up and according to my workout tracker is similar in intensity hard power walking or light running, which is good. I will work on technique tomorrow. It was a fun workout and everything was described, Thanks.



R.K. - Hawaii

Thanks again for your great service. The street I live on makes a loop from the highway up to the beach and back. The city and county just repaved it and its super smooth. My son in law and I tried out the board this morning and I'm really happy with the way it rides. Now if I get home from work too late to surf I can still get in a work out. Stoked! Aloha



Thx for shipping so quickly!  I was shopping online for a kick scooter

and liked your design better- watched your videos and decided to give

it a go-

Thx again, Chris



R.H. - Arizona -

I am happier than a 60 yr old women should be about my new Trideck!!!!

Thank you, for shipping it promptly.

Researching many mountain boards and the Dirtsurfer, I decided on the Trideck for I hope the right reasons.  It took some time in my Google searches to see your product. Search terms were; large adult skateboards, all terrain skateboards, all terrain boards with pneumatic tires and best mountain boards for kitewinging.

I also watched a _VIDEO_ on Youtube of a lady that knows the inventor who was using a specially made carbon fiber or blacked-out powder finished version.

Thank you, again for the prompt shipping of my new JOY!